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Advertising on TwoDollarClick

Step 1: Get a free Payza account (you will need a Paypal or Liberty Reserve account in the UK as Payza are not available in the UK with TwoDollarClick). Both are a huge and sage payment processing site, very similar to PayPal.

Step 2: Register for a FREE advertiser account at TwoDollarClick. You are only interested in being an advertiser - don't get distracted by the idea of getting paid to click on other adverts as I have no evidence you get paid to click the adverts.

Step 3: Log into your TwoDollarClick account and click on "purchase" and then select how many clicks you want to buy. Only buy "PTC Link Advertisements" - I recommend you purchase a minimum of $25 (5,000 clicks). Do NOT buy anything else. You don't need them!

Step 4: Set up your advert by clicking on "manage ads" and then click "new link". Fill in the details of your text link advert, using something short and simple e.g. "Serious Business", "Cash Today", "TwoDollarClick Success!", "Fast Cash System" etc.

Step 5: Add in the URL to advertise (you MUST shorten this URL using www.bit.ly otherwise your advert won't show):

The link to advertise on TwoDollarClick is


(replacing ABCD with your OWN 3StepGVOProfits username)

Step 6: Pay for your advert using Payza or Liberty Reserve and your advertising campaign will start immediately your funds have transferred.

Step 7: Check back in 6-12 hours to see how many sales you've made. You will get paid a $25 fast start bonus for every sale you make and then 2.4% ongoing repeating monthly income for every sale in your network, through 14 levels.

Step 8: Re-invest at least 50% of your GVO profits into more advertising and repeat the process and start to grow a team who will do the same.


Advertising on TrafficSwarm

Step 1: Register for a FREE advertising account with TrafficSwarm.

Step 2: Log into your TrafficSwarm account and click on "My Ads"

Step 3: Follow the steps on the TrafficSwarm site to purchase some credits (you can use Paypal, Payza,) and create ads. You can target viewers by location with TrafficSwarm but don't be afraid to experiment a bit, remember GVO is a global business.

Step 4: Add in the URL to advertise - again, make sure you shorten the URL via bit.ly:

The link to advertise on TrafficSwarm is:


(replacing ABCD with your OWN 3stepgvoprofits username)

Step 5: Re-invest at least 50% of your GVO profits back into more advertising and repeat over and over to grow your income.

Other recommended places for low cost ADVERTISING:

NeoBux | Clixsia | LinkGrand | Incentria

Use this URL to invite people
(you should also use Facebook, Twitter or Traffic Exchanges and so on) :


(replacing ABCD with your OWN 3stepgvoprofits username) and they will receive follow up emails directly from me on your behalf, encouraging them to join GVO, using YOUR referral link.



If you have any questions, please feel free to Skype me. My Skype ID is "homebusinesszone". download skype for free.

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